Snowflake Obsidian Yoni Eggs

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Physical Benefits~ Said to be good for strengthening bones, circulation, cells, tissue, and bone marrow, influenza, sinus, eyesight, processing of fat, pain remover.

Spiritual & Emotional Benefits~ Strengthens determination to accept ourselves for who we are and provides recovery after sudden trauma. The snowflake patterns on the surface combine fire and ice and the fusion of and unity of opposites. Good for bringing together different parts of your life, if necessary making tough decisions, and for balancing your personality.

It is said that this stone will let pent up resentment flow away, creating positive thought patterns. Melts frozen emotion so reduces feelings of isolation.

Chakras~ Root, sacral, & solar plexus

Size~ Medium

Organic Blood Yoni Eggs are Fresher! Each Yoni Egg comes with Yoni Egg Pouch, Info Pamphlet, and Good Vibes.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailments. Use internally at your own discretion.