About Semi-Precious Stones


 I have been working with semi-precious stones since I was a child.  This was something that my mom was always into and had lots of different kinds of stones all around.  She always told me that everyone should always have a crystal quartz around them because that is the most powerful one of them all.  

I always have a pouch of stones or individuals laying around in different places.  As I grow older I expand my knowledge on stones and their benefits.

I use them in my daily life.  I love wearing my healing waist beads!!  The stones are always on me and as a woman, are always in direct contact with my womb.

Each stone is unique and precious in its own right.  Each one offers a different benefit or healing power, as I refer to it.  

On your journey with the stones you can tune into them and see what they have to teach you.

~Tiffany Janay

P.S. Thats a picture of my mom holding her Orgonite wand she made filled with semi-precious stones.